Unlocking Restful Sleep: What You Need To Know

Unlocking a Restful Sleep: Naturally and Effectively 

Whether you struggle to stay asleep or manage mere 2-hour naps at a time, we understand your plight and have a solution that ensures a whole night's rest.

Harness the Power of Plants for Sleep 

Wave goodbye to the groggy mornings that often follow pharmaceutical sleep aids. At Plant de Terra, we're driven by a mission: a natural + innovative plant-based sleep solution. Our unique formula combines the sleep-inducing properties of of CBD, Valerian Root, and plant terpenes, ensuring you wake up refreshed without feeling groggy.


Inside Our Sleep Formula

  • CBD: A compound derived from the hemp plant, CBD is renowned for its sleep-promoting abilities. Notably, it's entirely non-intoxicating and natural. The dosage in our formula stands out in the market, aiding sleep without completely shutting down your brain.
  • Terpenes & Valerian Root: Both ingredients, in their pure forms, are celebrated for their calming and relaxing effects.

These ingredients form a potent blend that ensures sound sleep without interruptions.


How and When to Use The One+ Sleep 

Our "The One+Sleep" is available in tincture (sublingual) form, designed to be taken under the tongue or with water, and absorbed through your mouth and digestive system. Given its bioavailaibly, it's most effective when taken about an hour before your planned bedtime, aligning with the start of your night-time routine. 


A helpful tip:

  • Post consumption.
  • Switch your phone to airplane mode.
  • Eliminate blue light exposure.
  • Ensure an undisturbed slumber till dawn.


According to sleep study research, our body requires only a specific amount of REM sleep every night. 90 minutes of REM sleep in a 7-8 hours sleep cycle is ideal for good health.

All four stages of sleep are essential to our well being. But, NREM Stage 3 and REM sleep, which together constitute deep sleep, are the two most important stages. REM sleep directly influences your cognitive abilities and memory retention. That’s why, lack of REM sleep can lead to long term memory loss and also happens to affect the functioning of neurons.

Not enough sleep or sleep deprivation can trigger many physical ailments. These include obesity, cardiovascular issues, blood sugar problems, poor immunity, sleeping disorders. Lack of sleep, sleep disorders or poor sleep can also cause drowsiness and mood swings. 

Better Sleep Awaits

  • 5-Night Trial The One+ Sleep
    5-Night Trial The One+ Sleep

    5-Night Trial The One+ Sleep

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  • The One+ Sleep
    The One+ Sleep
    The One+ Sleep

    The One+ Sleep

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  • Sleep Cubes Sour Apple
    Sleep Cubes Sour Apple
    Sleep Cubes Sour Apple

    Sleep Cubes Sour Apple

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