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Sour Apple Cubes


We’re pretty sure you will crave these whole-plant fruit Cubes. Designed in small batches to promote better sleep. The only snack you need for bedtime!

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40mg per serving

Sour Apple Cubes


Sour Apple Cubes


We’re pretty sure you will crave these whole-plant fruit Cubes. Designed in small batches to promote better sleep. The only snack you need for bedtime!


Texture - firm yet chewy, like a small piece of fruit leather.

Full Formula

Whole-plant Hemp Extract, MCT oil, Carnauba Wax, Organic Cane Sugar, Light Corn Syrup, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavored Gelatin, Clear Gelatin, Food Coloring, Water, Citric Acid

Made in California

All of our products are designed, tested, batched and bottled here in California, USA.

Note *

Note: This product is sensitive to heat. We recommend storing in a cool, dry place to maintain consistency.

Calming the mind + body

Reinforces hormone balance and adrenals, which are essential in reducing daily stress and promoting calm for better sleep.

Catching Zzz's

Induces relaxation to promote sleep and suppress motion activity by activating receptors.

Inflammation Response

Assists muscle recovery and the body’s regenerative process by supporting circulation and cell turnover.

Get the most out of your sleep.

How to use Sour Apple Cubes

    1. Take 1-3 Cubes 30 minutes before bed.

    2. Chew slowly.

    4. Snuggle up in bed with Netflix or your favorite book.

    4. Drift off into a restorative slumber and wake up fresh.

    Promote a healthy sleep cycle without next-day drowsiness.

Whole-plant hemp extract and naturally occurring cannabinoids work together to support the Endo-cannabinoid system (ECS), which impacts homeostasis and your response to everyday stressors and discomfort.

Optimize your sleep cycle by taking before bed for a deep sleep you look forward to.

Sour Apple Cubes


your questions, our answers

  • how does the CBD in your Sour Apple Cubes help with sleep?

    Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been shown to have sedative and sleep enhancing properties. Studies suggest that CBD may help to decrease the time required to fall asleep, increase deep sleep, and reduce waking frequency during the night.

  • where are your Sour Apple Cubes made?

    All our wellness collections are crafted and batched in California.

  • how does CBD work?

    CBD works within your body’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS). the ECS helps to regulate a variety of processes like eating, sleeping, relaxation, recovery and cognition. it’s like your body’s operating system. CBD acts upon receptors in the ECS as well as limiting the breakdown of anandamide. In doing so, CBD can help your ECS function at its best.

  • what do you test for in your products?

    We test for purity, potency and pollutants. We test for cannabinoids and terpenes, and we also test for not-so-good stuff like heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, mycotoxins and bacteria. We’re committed to being traceable and make all batch lab info available here.