De-Stress Teddies

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Imagine yoga in a bottle. Escape and support your body in the areas you need. Like all of our gummies, they are made in small batches. Soft and chewy, munch on these full-spectrum non-habit forming teddies when you need to hit mute on the overwhelm of the day-to-day. Designed to help you relax and come down from the stresses of the day.

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  • CBD Oil Extract: USDA Organic Hemp derived full spectrum extract – less than 0.3% THC.
  • Tapioca Syrup: Natural sweetener from cassava root for a smooth texture.
  • Cane Sugar: Adds sweetness and enhances flavor naturally.
  • Water: Provides moisture for a soft, chewy gummy.
  • Pectin: Plant-based gelling agent for texture.
  • Citric Acid: Natural flavor enhancer and preservative.
  • MCT Oil: Extracted from organic coconut oil, aids CBD absorption.
  • Natural Flavoring: Delivers authentic taste without artificial additives.
  • Natural Coloring: Appealing colors from natural sources, no synthetic dyes.
  • Sodium Citrate: Preserves freshness and taste.

Plant-infused Gummies For Stress

Maintaining low stress levels and ensuring quality sleep are crucial for mental health support. Our Hemp Gummies are formulated with up to 2mg of naturally occurring delta-9 THC per gummy to aid in this. And rest assured, it's completely legal.

Calm Companions

USDA Organic



Up to 2mg THC

USDA Organic



Up to 2mg THC

Micro-dosed Gummies For Inflammation

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies provide natural aid for post-exercise recovery. Featuring a 25:1 CBD to THC ratio, they are specifically designed to offer effective relief from exercise-induced aches and inflammation.

Montana De La Rosa

UFC Flyweight

Faster recovery is just a teddy away!

See why athletes are flocking to Plant de Terra.

Mercedes Siegle-Gaither

Pro Ultra Runner

Anthony Trucks

Former NFL Player, Speaker, Author and Coach

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What are full-spectrum CBD gummies?

Plant de Terra's full spectrum CBD + THC gummies are crafted with the utmost care to ensure top quality. Not only are they //gluten-free, but they're also organic and contain the highest legal level of THC. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a key component in our products. Our gummies are made with a straightforward recipe that includes organic fruit and organic hemp flower extract, making them one of the finest CBD products available.

These CBD + THC gummies offer an ideal blend of non-GMO and all-natural ingredients, designed to provide relaxation, calm, and comfort. Over the past five years, Plant de Terra has been refining our CBD gummy and oil formulations, which are now ready for purchase. If you’re in search of the highest quality CBD edibles or the best CBD gummies with THC, your quest ends here! Plus, there's no need to search for CBD gummies nearby – we deliver right to your door!

Will CBD + THC gummies get me high?

No, our full spectrum CBD gummies won't get you high or buzzed. They have a 25:1 CBD to THC ratio, with each 10mg gummy containing about 0.5mg of THC. Typically, an average American would require ten times this amount of THC to start feeling any psychoactive effects. We firmly believe in the importance of THC for the most effective entourage effect and health benefits, which is why we preserve what the hemp plant naturally offers. Hence, you won't find any broad spectrum CBD gummies in our range – only the most potent CBD gummies with up to 2mg of THC each.

Please be aware that regular use of full spectrum CBD gummies could result in a failed drug test. Even CBD + THC products within the legal 0.3% THC limit can lead to a positive THC test result, with servings containing up to 2mg of THC. We advise consulting with your HR department and doctor before purchasing CBD online, particularly if you're subject to drug testing. Feel free to direct them to us for any questions or concerns – we're more than happy to serve as a knowledgeable resource!

How many CBD gummies should I take?

Plant de Terra's USDA organic CBD gummies deliver 20 mg of CBD in each gummy, with each jar containing 25 gummies. For those new to our CBD + THC gummies, we recommend a daily dosage of 20-40mg of CBD, which can be taken either in the morning or at night. The effectiveness of the best full spectrum CBD lasts all day, thanks to the high quality and powerful mix of cannabinoids.

There's no need to worry about overconsumption – it would require a significantly large quantity of CBD gummies to reach a level of overdose on CBD.

Are CBD gummies absorbed differently than CBD oil?

Sublingual CBD oil is absorbed through the mucous membranes under your tongue, leading to a faster uptake, usually within 20 to 30 minutes. In contrast, CBD edibles, like gummies, must first navigate your digestive system, taking two to three times longer to start working.

However, the advantage of a CBD gummy lies in its potential for a prolonged release. This means that the effects of a CBD gummy may last longer than those of CBD oil. As the gummy passes through your digestive system, its release time extends, offering more prolonged benefits. While CBD oil may produce a stronger initial effect, its impact can fade faster. CBD gummies, though slower to kick in, can maintain their effect for an extended duration.

For those sensitive to taste, our CBD soft-gels offer an alternative. These soft-gel capsules deliver the same potent full spectrum CBD as our CBD and THC gummies, but without any flavor or the need to chew.

How long do CBD gummies take to work?

CBD gummies, ingested orally and processed in the stomach, are influenced by factors like metabolism, weight, diet, and age, which can affect how quickly they take effect. For quicker results, you might consider our CBD cannabidiol oil drops, which are absorbed rapidly under the tongue rather than through the digestive system. The dosage of CBD is crucial for its effectiveness; hence, it's important to know the exact amount of CBD and THC your body requires for a response.

Each gummy contains a specific CBD amount, allowing for precise dosing tailored to your wellness routine and desired outcomes. When purchasing CBD + THC gummies, be mindful of additional ingredients like melatonin, to ensure you're not inadvertently buying sleep-specific CBD gummies!

Can I travel with CBD gummies?

Indeed, you can travel with them, provided you're going to and from places where they're legal! Supporting this, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has updated its policy to allow medical marijuana and FDA-approved cannabis-infused products, including CBD with THC gummies, in both carry-on and checked baggage. However, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the laws at your destination beforehand to ensure you don't run into any issues with the authorities while carrying your CBD + THC gummies.

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Made your choice yet? First off, kudos to you for doing exactly what every CBD consumer should – researching and understanding the product thoroughly! We assure you, Plant de Terra Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are a valuable addition to your daily regimen. Our commitment to an organic, vegan, and gluten-free formula ensures that your daily intake of CBD with THC gummies isn't compromised by low-quality ingredients. While we recognize the excitement to dive into the world of CBD gummies, it's crucial to consult with our experts or your doctor to determine the best Plant de Terra product for your specific health needs!

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⚠️ WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. Do not purchase or consume this product if you are under the age of 18. This product contains up to 0.3% THC. California has recognized THC as potentially causing reproductive harm. For more information, go to