Beauty’s Latest Lift - CBD Skincare

How can introducing CBD into your skin routine help?

CBD is used for a range of health and wellness benefits. The market has seen a surge in CBD-related skincare products like lotions, serums, and balms, and we have questions! With well-known healing properties, it’s not surprising to see CBD used to support the relief of irritated skin or sore joints. But how can one compare effectiveness across products? How does a topical cream compare to chapstick? 


To that we say — we believe in CBD but we do not believe in ‘CBD for CBD-sake’. That means we believe in only making effective products that make sense —  by understanding where CBD works wonders, and where it is an unnecessary ingredient encased in a marketing gimmick.  So here’s our attempt at untangling the impossible — Effective CBD Skincare vs. ‘another cream’ on your shelf. 


So what is CBD skincare specifically effective for? 

  • Inflammation - The benefits of CBD as an anti-inflammatory are well documented, making it a good candidate for effective tinctures, creams, massage oil, and other topical formulations

  • Irritation, Itchiness, Rosacea- Studies have shown that CBD can help treat eczema by reducing inflammation of the skin

  • Dryness - CBD oil contains nutrients that can nourish your skin, prevent soreness, peeling, or dry patches. Plenty of CBD products are designed to treat dry damaged skin.


Since skincare is so specific to every individual person, finding the right CBD skincare product requires 

  1. An understanding of your personal skin and care needs 

  2. An understanding of  ingredients in the skincare product you are considering for regular use

We hope this is a good starting point to knowing where CBD might enhance your skincare routine and where you’re simply paying the premium on a trend.