A note from us to you.

We take a wholesome approach to wellness. Being whole from inside and out. But that isn’t possible when our society isn’t whole. The last four months have proven that we are fractured — socially, politically, and economically.

Many of our friends, neighbors, and co-workers are not treated equally under the law. Thousands of people are dying from a global pandemic and can’t access basic healthcare. Millions have lost their jobs with no one to turn to. Our planet is under assault.

As a young business, we want to make sure that everything we stand for and do is aligned with our values. We want to use our creativity for good and innovate for better. Better for the planet, its people, their bodies, and their wallets. So, we are listening. We are learning. And we are taking time everyday to reaffirm our values in our business practices and our brand. Plant de Terra is about making people feel good and whole. All people. And we will continue to listen and do better everyday. This is our commitment to our team, our customers and to you.

Together we are better.

Terra Team