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Access a happier, better you.

Plant Based Solutions For Sleep, Athletic Recovery & More

The highest quality natural supplements for improved sleep, balance, and athletic recovery. Access a happier, healthier, and more balanced state of mind.

  • Balance

    Disrupt self-limiting behavior and rid yourself of daily overload.

  • Sleep

    Sleep easy, be recharged. You will love catching some zzz’s again!

  • Recovery

    Relax muscle contractions by targeting receptors deep in the muscle tissue.

Real People, Real Results.

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More than 14,000 people trust Plant de Terra to help improve their daily lives.
  • The One+ Sleep
    The One+ Sleep
    The One+ Sleep

    The One+ Sleep

    Regular price $85.00
  • Sleep Cubes Sour Apple
    Sleep Cubes Sour Apple
    Sleep Cubes Sour Apple

    Sleep Cubes Sour Apple

    Regular price $60.00
  • The One+ Balance
    The One+ Balance
    The One+ Balance

    The One+ Balance

    Regular price $60.00

We asked, you answered.

89% experienced improvement in sleep*

93% experienced decrease in time needed to fall asleep*

96% participants experienced improved athletic performance*

Why our supplements work

  • Efficacy is dependent on quality, potency and absorption. We work with Doctors, and Practitioners to create solutions that actually work.

  • We source from the world's best farms investing in quality ingredients for effective solutions. 

No more counting sheep 🐑


Induces relaxation to promote sleep and suppress motion activity by activating receptors.

Reinforces hormone balance and adrenals, which are essential in reducing daily stress and promoting calm for better sleep.

Promote a healthy sleep cycle without next day drowsiness*

Melatonin Free 😇

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  • “Bliss Balm has been an absolute lifesaver!”

  • “Athletes like myself cant stress enough how important recovery is, and when it comes to daily aches and pains that come with playing professional baseball, Plant de Terra knows exactly how and where to help.”

  • “After a long hard trail run, I am in need of recovery. Plant de Terra's CBD soothes my body and muscles.”

  • “The Sunray Body Oil is a game-changer! I put it on after the shower and I don't think I can ever go back to plain old moisturizer.”

  • “Makes me feel focused and less anxious.”


Meet the Better Guarantee

Let’s be honest, most supplement brands promise the same thing. But rarely do brands actually give you your money back if it doesn’t work for you. That’s our Better Guarantee.

30-day guarantee
Or your money back

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